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Whitefish weather reaches steamy temps in the 90’s during summer and dips well below-zero in winter. But no matter the season, the area’s beautiful landscape is not to be missed.

What is the weather like in the summer?

Due to its northwest location in the state, warmer temps tends to arrive a little later than in other Montana locations. In June the Flathead Valley can still see below freezing temps at night with lots of rain and overcast days. Logan’s Pass, in Glacier Park, doesn’t usually open for visitors until after July 4th.

By July and August, Whitefish visitors can expect warm temperatures, sometimes into the high 90s. In the evenings the lower lying areas, such as Whitefish and Kalispell, hover around the 40 degree mark, but the higher elevations, especially in Glacier Park, will get down around freezing.

Even with the warm summer temperatures, Montana enjoys very little humidity. Expect a few thunderstorms to roll through in August, but blue skies return soon afterwards.

What is the weather like in the fall?

Soon after Labor Day, the average day time temperature drops to the mid-60 and 70’s. Most visitors can expect to sport light sweaters and fleece vests while exploring Whitefish and the chance of rain increases substantially in October.

Deep into the fall season, the Flathead Valley sees its fair share of rain and cloudy days. Be sure to pack a rain jacket for your day hikes.

What is the weather like in the winter?

During late-November, Whitefish can see its first snow fall. The temperatures can fluctuate from a chilly 50-degrees to a bone-chilling 20-degrees below zero.

For Whitefish visitors, the city’s position in the valley often means very little sunshine. Locals admit that the city is often socked in with fog and clouds for weeks on end, so they head to the top of Whitefish Mountain to ski the fresh powder and enjoy the sunshine.

Skiers and snowboarders will find mostly sunny conditions on top the mountain, which makes for pleasant ski conditions. The average snowfall in Whitefish can reach 20-feet, so visitors should be prepared with serious winter gear.

What is the weather like in the spring?

Rain. Rain. And more rain.

All of the beautiful wildflowers that bloom in Glacier Park and throughout the Flathead Valley are grateful for all the spring showers. Temperatures can range wildly from a brisk 40-degrees to a pleasant 70-degrees.

Flooding and mudslides can be a problem for those looking to hike the mountain terrain, but for those looking to enjoy some wild water rafting the springtime rain makes for outstanding conditions.

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