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What are the Top 5 wedding venues in Whitefish? 

  • Kandahar Lodge at Whitefish Mountain 
  • Summit House at Whitefish Mountain 
  • Bar W Guest Ranch in Whitefish 
  • Bailey’s Bed and Bale Inn in Whitefish 
  • Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier Park

How can I obtain a marriage license?

If you meet your soul mate on a hike through the Montana wilderness and decide to get hitched right away, you’ll be happy to know that the state does not require a waiting period.

Getting married in Montana doesn’t require much just a copy of a birth certificate, driver’s license and social security, as well as a blood test for rubella for the bride-to-be. If you are 16 0r 17-years old, you must have the permission of both parents and the state prohibits anyone under 15-years old to apply for a license.

The fee is $58.00 and can only be paid in cash to the Clerk of the District Court in Kalispell. The ceremony must be officiated by an ordained minister, priest, mayor, tribal judge or justice of the peace.