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Highway 93 North

Winding through the remote wilderness of the Kootenai Valley, as well as several picturesque towns, Montana’s Highway 93 is well worth the drive.

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  • Cutting a picturesque route through the Kootenai and Flathead Forests, Highway 93 north offers spectacular scenery and great wildlife viewing. 
  • Dozens of lakes dot this northern route to Canada, so bring a canoe and discover your own serene fishing spot. 
  • Grab a delicious lunch or shop for crafts in the charming town of Eureka.

Why should I drive the Highway 93?

Not only is Highway 93 the easiest route from Whitefish, Montana into Canada, but it’s also one of the most scenic drives in the state. Dotted with the quaint towns of Olney and Eureka, it offers a great day trip for those looking to explore off the beaten path.

Whether you want to drop your canoe in a quiet lake near the highway, shop the charming stores in Eureka or meander the miles of untainted trails in the Kootenai Forest, Highway 93 offers something for everyone.

Where does Highway 93 north begin and end?

Begin your drive in Whitefish, where Highway 93 starts to cut northwest towards the Canadian border. The two-lane highway cuts a swathe through Kootenai National Forest, the Tobacco Valley and runs parallel to beautiful Lake Koocanusa.

How long does the take to drive?

From Whitefish, the Roosville border crossing into Canada is 61 miles. Depending on how many stops you make along the way, the trip should take a couple of hours.

What will I see along the way?

On your way out of Whitefish, the dense pines of the Koontenai Forest to the west and the Flathead Forest to the east flank Highway 93 north as you drive onto to the small town of Olney. There isn’t much to see in town, but there’s a restaurant to grab some breakfast or lunch.

As you leave Olney, the highway bends west through the Upper Stillwater Lake area and visitors will be surprised by how many shimmering water holes are spotted from the road. Upon passing Dickey and Murphy Lakes the highway heads into the Tobacco Valley just south of Eureka.

Visitors should take advantage of another scenic drive and take Route 37 to the shores of Lake Koocanusa. Route 37 snakes on for miles along the lake, but for a just sweet sojourn follow the road to Rexford and take in the views.

Back on Highway 93 north be sure to stop in Eureka. Once known as the Christmas Tree capital of the world, Eureka features miles of trails and a lovely walk along the Tobacco River, which winds through the town. There are some quaint shops and delicious food joints here, so take some time to walk around town.