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Winter arrives to Montana’s snow covered forests hum with the sound of snowmobiles. For a once in a lifetime adventure, check out Whitefish snowmobiling for a day of fun and breathtaking scenery.

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Rent your choice of a Timbersled Snowbike or high-performance Polaris snowmobiles, ideal for area trails and backcountry

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  • Not for the meek, the 110-mile loop over Canyon Creek treks through the heart of Whitefish, stopping at the summit of Whitefish Mountain. 
  • With sweeping views of Glacier Park, the Great Bear Wilderness and Hungry Horse Reservoir, Desert Mountain Trail is a local favorite. 
  • Cruise through remote woods and view wildlife in frozen meadows along the Upper Whitefish Lake Trail.

Where can I go snowmobiling?

With over 200-miles of groomed trails and thousands of miles of National Forest, Whitefish offers some of the best terrain for snowmobiling. Due to restrictions, snowmobiles are not allowed inside Glacier National Park, however visitors will find that many trails circumvent the park’s borders and offer spectacular mountain views.

Canyon Creek
With a trailhead located just outside Columbia Falls, Canyon Creek features miles of groomed trails which traverse the summit of Whitefish Mountain. It is one of the most popular snowmobiling routes in northwest Montana, so don’t expect to have the backcountry tundra to yourself. 

  • Distance: 110-miles 
  • Average Time: 3 to 5 hours 
  • Elevation Gain: 6,817 
  • Difficulty: Moderate 
  • Trail Type: Loop 
  • Trailhead: Flathead Forest Service Road 316, located 5-miles north of Columbia Falls.

Desert Mountain
You may not be able to snowmobile inside Glacier Park, but the Desert Mountain snowmobile trail is almost as good. Blazing a trail to the summit of Desert Mountain, this trail promises some of the best views of Glacier National Park, Hungry Horse Reservoir and the Great Bear Wilderness. 

  • Distance: 25 miles 
  • Average Time: 2 to 3 hours 
  • Elevation Gain: 6,363 
  • Difficulty: Easy 
  • Trail Type: Loop 
  • Trailhead: Just outside Martin City off Highway 40, east of Columbia Falls

Upper Whitefish Lake
Offering miles of groomed trails and connected to one of the longest snowmobile trail networks outside of Olney, the Upper Whitefish Lake Trail offers a short loop through remote wooded areas around the Whitefish Mountains and connects to Werner’s Peak Trail. 

  • Distance: 42 
  • Average Time: 3 to 5 hours 
  • Elevation Gain: None 
  • Difficulty: Easy 
  • Trail Type: Loop 
  • Trailhead: Located of Route 93 North, just outside of Whitefish

I am looking for a snowmobiling guide…

If you are looking for an insider’s guide to the best snowmobile trails throughout the Flathead Valley, there are several outfitters to choose from.

Why go with an outfitter?

Tours are organized by local guides who can guarantee the best routes with most spectacular scenery and increased chance of viewing winter wildlife. An outfitter, like Swan Mountain Snowmobiling or Flathead Snowmobile Association, will also make sure you and the snowmobile are safe and secure.

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