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Glacier National Park

For all of its towering peaks and snow-capped spires the Blackfeet Indians named Glacier Park the backbone of the world. Make a memory of a lifetime-visit to Glacier National Park Montana.

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  • Explore the Crown of the Continent’s 730 miles of trails and make a memory to last a lifetime. 
  • Get up at dawn and you’ll be sure to spot loads of big game wandering in Many Glacier. 
  • For 50-miles the two-lane Going to the Sun road offers stunning views of the park, including the Heaven’s Peak.

What can I do at Glacier National Park? 

  • Hiking: Inside the park there are 730 miles of hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to extremely difficult treks, but whatever your hiking skill you can find a trail appropriate for your fitness level. Favorite moderate hikes include Avalanche and Hidden Lake. For more difficult hikes with jackpot views check out the Highline Trail or Iceberg Lake. 
  • Boating: Cruises are available on Lake MacDonald, Two Medicine, Swiftcurrent Lake and St. Mary’s Lake. Kayaks and horse-powered skiffs are also available for rent on Lake MacDonald. 
  • Whitewater Rafting: For those looking to shoot some rapids along the Middle Fork, whitewater trips are endless. Choose from half-day whitewater rafting trips to extended four-day trips which combine horse backing riding, fishing and rafting. 
  • Photography: Glacier Park is a photographer’s dream. With 70 species of mammals and 260 species of birds, wildlife abounds inside the park. Catching an amazing shot can happen on a remote mountain trail or on the well-traveled Going to the Sun Road. I have photographed Bighorn sheep walking near Logan’s Pass, as well as a dozen grizzly bears gorging on huckleberries in Many Glacier. For landscape photography, be sure to get out at sunrise to avoid the crowds.
  • Scenic Drive: Going to the Sun Road travels 50-miles from Apgar in West Glacier to St. Mary, over Logan’s Pass on the Continental Divide. Along its two-lane highway it offers some of the most stunning vistas, while snaking its way over the mountains. Start from Apgar Village traveling along Lake MacDonald and head east to Logan’s Pass. As you ascend the mountainside the valley view’s seemingly go on forever. At The Loop, just before Logan’s Pass, the road contains the road’s only switchback and the lookout provides an amazing vantage point. Goats, grizzlies, elk and wolf have all been spotted here. 
  • Tip: From January to November, The Glacier Institute offers ecology courses inside the park. Glacier’s goats, grizzlies and beavers are just a few of the course topics. Check out the schedule at

Where is Glacier National Park?

Located 27 miles from Whitefish, go south on Highway 93 out of Whitefish about 2 miles and turn left onto Highway 40. Go 4.4 miles east on Highway 40 to the junction with Highway 2. The road becomes four lanes and is now called Highway 2.

When is Glacier National Park open? 

Glacier Park is open year-round, however the Going to the Sun road is only open in July, August and September, depending on the weather.

How much does Glacier National Park cost? 

A 7-day summer vehicle pass is $25. For visitors on foot, bicycle or motorcycle it’s a $12 fee. An annual pass is $35

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Glacier National Park Headquarters 406-888-7800.