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Ziplines & Gondola Rides

On a Whitefish gondola ride you can admire summer’s wildflowers in bloom along the mountain side, or in winter take in sweeping views of Glacier’s peaks from the summit. Read More

What can I see on a gondola ride?

In the 6-person enclosed gondola, visitors make their way to the top of Whitefish Mountain in about a 15-minute trip. In the summer months, riders can view a vast stretch of wildflowers in bloom in the mountain meadow, the deep forest of old growth pine and even spot some local wildlife. 

  • Take the gondola back down to the village OR 
  • Follow the Danny On Trail as it descends 2,500 vertical feet.

Before you make your way down the miles of fresh powder on Whitefish Mountain, enjoy a respite at Summit House restaurant, perched at the summit with expansive views of the surrounding mountains. At 6,817 feet, Summit House is the most elevated restaurant in northwest Montana.

Where is the gondola?

You can pick-up the gondola right in the ski village on Whitefish Mountain, which is 8-miles from downtown Whitefish.

When is gondola open?

The gondola operates when Whitefish Mountain is open during the summer and winter months. The summer season is from June to September, with the winter season starting in October. As the summer and winter seasonal opening change every year, it is best to call for exact dates.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Whitefish Mountain Resort 406-862-2900