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Horseback Riding

Feel like a cowboy as you ride over rolling plains and mountains on horseback. Whitefish horseback riding is a great way to enjoy the spirit of the West.

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Where can I go horseback riding? 

Glacier National Park: Swan Mountain Outfitters is the only park service-permitted horseback riding outfitter inside the park and offers a variety of services at their Apgar, Lake MacDonald and Many Glacier locations. One of the most popular rides is out of Many Glacier to Cracker Lake and features stunning scenery and great wildlife viewing. 

Bob Marshall Wilderness: The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex has the largest concentration of grizzly bears outside of Alaska, miles of trails and the stunning limestone cliffs of the Chinese Wall. Salmon Forks Outfitters offers 5 to 7 day horseback treks inside Bob Marshall. Wilderness to Big Salmon Lake, the Chinese Wall and Mud Lake Lookout. For those looking for some serious backcountry adventure, check out an extended ride into the remote areas of ‘the Bob” 

Swan and Flathead Mountains: For exploring the Swan and Flathead mountains around Kalispell, Bigfork and Swan Lake, many outfitters provide either llama or horse options.

I am looking for a guide

Whether wanting to enjoy a 1-hour trail ride at a Whitefish Ranch.or looking for an all-day adventure into the wilds of Glacier National Park, there is a horseback outfitter for every rider. Some of the local ranches even offer a day of horseback riding with lunch or sunset dinner options.