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Backcountry Skiing

Is there any better way to spend a Montana vacation than a day moving over miles of ungroomed powder? Whitefish backcountry skiing means blazing your own trail through winter’s wonderland.

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  • It might feel like you were moving across a postcard as you backcountry ski around Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. 
  • The “in” spot for locals and visitors alike, Stillwater State Forest features terrain suitable for beginners and expert skiers. 
  • We highly recommend either signing up for an avalanche awareness class or hiring a backcountry ski guide.

Where can I go backcountry skiing?

  • Glacier National Park
    Strap-on a pair of uber- light cross-country skis and head to one of several choice spots inside Glacier National Park. The smooth surfaces and rolling hills along Apgar Village, Avalanche Trail and Lake McDonald all offer great terrain. The best part of backcountry skiing in the park is that you virtually have the majestic landscape all to yourself. In winter, Glacier Park sees very few visitors, so soak up the awesome beauty of the scenery and blaze a peaceful path.
  • Stillwater State Forest
    With 16 square miles of ungroomed trails, the Stillwater State Forest s draws fierce backcountry skiers and other winter adventurers to its pristine terrain. Suitable for beginner and expert skiers, the Stillwater is a playground for those looking to avoid the crowds up on the mountain.

What sort of gear do I need?

Before heading out to the backcountry it is important to be prepared. In addition to getting yourself some functional and lightweight backcountry touring gear, skiers should know their routes. If heading into a remote area educate yourself about the terrain and the chance of avalanches. Always carry a beacon, probe and shovel.

I am looking for a backcountry guide…

Whitefish visitors looking for an extreme backcountry adventure a guide is highly recommended, Great Northern Powder Guides offers backcountry ski tours, as well as other tour adventures.