Flathead Lake Polar Bear Plunge in Bigfork Montana


Flathead Lake Polar Bear Plunge

Every year on January 1, some brave or perhaps crazy soles decide to welcome the New Year by plunging into the shivering, icy waters of Flathead Lake in Woods Bay near Bigfork. It's a family event and advertised as a way to jump into the New Year. Read More

  • Costumes are accepted and encouraged
  • Parade begins at 1:45 on January 1st
  • Meet at Ravens Brew Pub

Overview: Jumping into Flathead Lake in January isn't everyone's idea of a good time, but for a few hearty souls it's turning into a traditional way to begin the new year.

When: January 1st around 1:45pm for the parade to the lake.

Where: Flathead Lake

Fees: free

Details: This chilly dip is a family event for the entire area. The event begins with a short parade and then the plunge at roughly at 1:45 each year. Don't be late...the event goes by quickly!

The Raven Brew Pub (the events sponsor) is open for refreshments and food – hot coffee anyone! And if you want to remember the moment, you can buy a t-shirt as a souvenir. 

Costumes are accepted and encouraged. Bring your suit or swimming outfit, towel, camera and lots of humor. If the water is too cold for you, come join in the fun as a spectator.

Meet at the Ravens Brew Pub at Woods Bay on Highway 35, 5 miles south of Bigfork on flathead Lake.

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