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Huckleberry Hillclimb Bike Race

Want to test your strength and endurance, then try the Huckleberry Hillclimb at Big Mountain. This is an incredible mountain bike race in reverse. Read More

  • Takes place in early September
  • Bottom to top bike race for all ages
  • Free to watch

Overview: Instead of racing downhill with the aid of gravity, you are trying to avert gravity and climb from the bottom of Big Mountain Road to the summit of Big Mountain. The event covers 14 miles and nearly 3,800 vertical feet of body and mind testing uphill peddling. A typical gain of about 3700 feet over 12 miles.

When: usually takes place in early September

Where: Whitefish Mountain Resort

Fees: There is an entry fee but it's free to watch the racers

Details: At the end of the ride, the winners are crowned Ultimate King and Queen of the Hill. There are categories for each skill level, beginner, sport, and expert with age and gender designations in each.

The event usual attracts 30-50 riders. Helmets are mandatory for the entire course and protective pads are also recommended. There is a registration fee, but you get a t-shirt for just entering. For the casual rider it is good to note that the regular mountain bike trails on the mountain are closed during the early morning hours on the day of the race.

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